Assalamu ‘Alaykum ~ Peace be with You

Reading, books, media and literacy are of critical concern to me as a Muslim mother and librarian. I intend that this blog will serve as a place and opportunity, for parents, teachers, and care givers, to obtain information about books, multimedia and literacy for Muslim children and young adults.

The Islamic or Muslim children’s publishing industry is steadily growing in variety and genre, AlhamduLillah. I intend to use this blog to make the content and themes in these books more widely available to readers and educators. I also hope that the information I make available here will be of some benefit to authors and their readers.

My child is an avid reader and lover of all things in the form of a book. Part of my wish is to share with you some of what he is reading in the hopes that you and your child(ren) will find them just as enjoyable.