Poetry from a young Muslim woman


photo by Tammy Strobel

Not long ago I came upon a delightful blog filled with the poetry, writings and reflections of a young Muslim American woman. I feel happy whenever I meet young people who are not just creative but who also make a productive use of their time.

So here is a poem by Fida I from thepoetrykorner:

My Family is Global
I have grandparents
uncles and aunts
from Palestine and Malaysia
and don’t forget North America.
I also have second cousins
from Italy, Russia,
and Turkey
but don’t forget China
and India
If we’re all together
we create a picture
of faces of different
color and race
but that doesn’t matter
cuz we’re unique as a family.
My family is global
and that’s why
we love to travel.
~ by Fida I
And here is another I really like:
Life’s Not Perfect
Just think
life is not always gonna be great

there might be days
full of laughter and fun
but in one moment things could change

someone can pull your last straw
make you wanna scream

tears run down your face
you want a friend to come
listen to you and understand your feelings
give you a hug and say
everything will be okay.

Life isn’t always be the way you want it to be
we just have to pray and hope
that God will be by our side
every step of the way.

~ by Fida I
These poems are the works of Fida I and are only reproduced here by permission of the poet.