What does World Book and Copyright Day mean to us?

Today is World Book and Copyright Day (April 23). By celebrating this Day throughout the world, UNESCO seeks to promote reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property through copyright. 

We should try to show our children by discussing with them the following:

– The importance of reading. We should let them know that literacy is of paramount importance in helping them live a balanced Islamic life in this fast-paced world.

– How grateful those of us who have access to books and reading materials should be. We should compare ourselves with those children who don’t have books or even have access to them (see this article). We should take advantage of the books we have available to us for purchase in bookstores (new or used) and for borrowing in our school and public/local libraries.

– What copyright means and how it is important to respect the creator (author, illustrator, composer) of various types of works. Whether it is books, magazines or media we must give credit (by citing our sources). We should not be involved in illegally copying and distributing (especially for profit) works of others. It simply is not Islamic.

I read this article last month about World Book Day in the United Kingdom, (which is celebrated on March 4th) and what it means to be literate. It is not just about learning to read but it is about appreciating our history and the stories that are a part of it. Some stuff worth thinking about.

Have a lovely Friday!