Quran, Art and Books – A unique Combination

I loved the symbolism in this piece of art which I found some time ago and with the permission of the designer I share it with you.

Bookshelves designed by Peter Gould and Zain Moloobhoy featuring the Arabic word "Iqra" (Read!)

Do you notice the Arabic word “Iqra” which means read in the English language? Isn’t it wonderful how the letters Qaf and Raa are used as a space for storing books? I loved the symbolism in this piece of art/bookshelf because the Arabic word IQRA means to read. And what do we read most often? Books. The Quran itself is a book and I can see how well it would fit at the topmost part of the Qaf.

A glance gives you the impression that some books may have a bit of a struggle trying to remaining upright. But I think there is adequate support for them. This is not a shelf in the traditional sense, so it may do well to keep down the number of books. Maybe the two Alif letters on both ends could have been made into shelves as well to hold at least 2 or 3 books (but I know very little of art, and they might very well take away from the depth and impact of the piece). But all together I love this piece of practical art.

It’s designed by Peter Gould and Zain Moloobhoy. Peter Gould is an Australian Muslim graphic designer and artist. See more of his artwork and designs here.

Don’t you think it would add an interesting touch to any room in a house but that it would also work in an office, a masjid or library?

This post was last updated: April 25, 2011