Book Trailers

Book trailers are somewhat like movie trailers; they give you a brief introduction to the book, just enough to hook you and get you to want to read the book (obviously you have the buy the book; just like you would the ticket or DVD to see the movie). Book trailers are used to promote books and they also work really well in attracting otherwise reluctant readers. Read more about book trailers here and teachers may find that they can encourage students to read books by asking them to make a book trailer when using the instructions here.

Muslim author, Na’ima B. Roberts recently used a book trailer to promote her newest book (out this month), Boy vs. Girl. Here it is:

Incidentally Na’ima B. Robert is stopping by here on July 23 (which is just a few days away). She is doing a guest post here on the blog and will include more information about her new book. So don’t forget to drop by on the 23rd!