On this page you will find a list of resources online (websites and blogs) arranged by category. They are all related to the content and theme of this blog, i.e. reading, books, writing, magazines, publishing, media for Muslims, libraries and a few other topics.

Note: I’ve made every attempt to review these sites and blogs but their content may change over time.

E-books and Stories Online for Children

Here are links to e-books and stories online for children; a mixture of fiction and nonfiction; Islamic and general.

See a listing of e-books and Stories online for children HERE.


This is a listing of publishers of Islamic materials for children and young adults that might useful to parents, librarians and teachers who are trying to locate books and multimedia for their homes, libraries and classrooms. Also included are a few online bookstores that provide readers with access to books not currently available elsewhere.

See a listing of Islamic and Muslim Publishers HERE.

Magazines for Children and Teenagers

Here are links to magazines (print and digital) for Muslim children and teens.

 See a listing of magazines for Muslim children and teens HERE.

Reading Lists

This pages contains links to several book/reading lists located on the Web that include a variety of Islamic literature (fiction and non-fiction) for varying ages and reading levels.

See Reading Lists HERE.  

Reading and Literacy Resources

Websites and Blogs that offer literacy resources, book reviews and recommendations.

See a listing of reading and literacy resources HERE.

Writers’ Resources

Some useful links for Muslim writers and aspiring writers.

See a listing of resources for writers HERE.

Islamic Online Games and Activities for Children

Websites that have engaging games for children to enjoy learning Islam.

See a listing of Islamic online games and activities HERE.

Media for Muslims

This page lists several producers of high-quality media for Muslims in the English language, particularly for children and families as well as some online media channels featuring children’s stories, shows and crafts.

See a listing of Media for Muslims HERE.

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