Islamic Fiction

Do our children (young and old) need stories?

What is Islamic Fiction?

Is it the same as Fiction written by Muslims?


On this page you will find links to articles and other resources online that will give you answers to some of your questions:

Why do we need Islamic literature?

In North America today, then, we Muslims face a strange paradox. On the one hand, we encourage our children to become Islamically aware, yet, on the other hand, we sit by idly as they devour book after book whose themes and subjects are blatantly pro-secular… If we say the youth are the future, then it must be understood that the future is secured today. Every day Muslim children are reading and every day they interact with non-Muslim children. If you want your child to be a practicing, believing Muslim, then every care must be taken to build a solid foundation now. This includes monitoring their reading habits now, both in school and outside.

Also by the same author: Islamic Fiction: A Worthwhile Struggle.

Our intent in its creation was to explain why Islamic Fiction is unlike other types of Muslim-written fiction and to provide a list of published Islamic Fiction books for our visitors. We also provide a list of Secular Fiction books, authored by Muslims, with Muslim book characters. None of the books listed on this website contain Harmful Content and all are written by Muslims.

This website is further intended to dispel any misunderstanding about the benefits of Islamic Fiction books by providing scholar and educator support for Islamic Fiction. We include comments from Islamic Fiction readers who discern the difference between Islamic Fiction and other Muslim-authored Fiction.


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Building a Stable Foundation for Muslim authors

“Where are the good, solid inspirational books which show an accurate portrait of Islam as a beautiful pattern for life? Where are the biographies of practical, everyday Muslim trying to make it through this life?” asks American convert teacher and writer, Yahiya Emerick.


Resources for Muslim Writers

A resource for Muslim writers… information about markets for publishing your work, trends in Muslim publishing and other items of interest to Muslim writers.

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