Teacher Study Guides for Islamic books

Study guides for classroom use have been around a long time and are used by educators for a variety of subjects that they teach. In studying literature for example, teachers and students benefit from the use of novel study guides. They add valuable support through the activities they provide. 

In North America for example (and I am sure elsewhere as well), novel study is a component of the language curriculum. Hence children in Islamic schools are required to read and study works of literature. Many times teachers select general works of fiction; books which present a challenge at times as they may contain themes that do not conform to Islamic practices. With the slow but steady growth of Islamic novels over the last few years teachers in Islamic schools have greater choices. 

And thanks to a Muslim publisher in the U.S., teachers now have study guides to use with some of these Islamic novels. The teacher study guides are available from

image source muslimwriterspublishing.com

Muslim Writers Publishing. MWP has produced teacher study guides for several of its published works. There are study guides for a historical novel, Sophia’s Journal: Time Warp 1857; an engaging teen fiction, Muslim Teens in Pitfalls and Pranks and for all titles in the Islamic Rose Series. 

According to the publisher’s website: 

Using TSGs and corresponding fiction novels in school Language Arts programs will provide a comprehensive cross-curricular resource that has been field-tested and approved by Muslim educators and administrators. Content in each TSG includes:

  • Key curriculum connections
  • Engaging Islamic integrated activities
  • Critical thinking and reading comprehension
  • Internet research and projects
  • Multicultural themes
  • Vocabulary and quizzes

 So if you’re a teacher in an Islamic school or if you home school you’ll find the teacher study guides for Islamic fiction to a valuable resource. Samples from the teacher study guides are available at  http://www.muslimwriterspublishing.com/schools.html