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Last year I was privileged to have the opportunity to share with you a wonderful poem by Umm An-Nu’man titled “The Little Boy Who Loved the Qur’an. Now I wish to share another beautiful poem by the same author that deals with a different subject matter. One that matches nicely the chilly weather (and winters) being experienced in some parts of the world.



 Copyright © 2008 Umm An-Nu’man      


They came in the millions      

each one unique      

They swirled all around us      

but not a word did they speak      

We each played among them      

how we did romp and roam      

For hours they entertained us      

until we were all called home      

But even from the window      

inside of our houses warm and bright      

We could still see them      

as they flickered in the night      

Glitter and sparkle, swirl and dance      

How I longed to be with them      

If I only had the chance      

When my father came home I rushed to him      

and asked if he saw what Allah had sent down      

He told me he did and he tried to smile      

because he had been stuck in the snow all the way across town.      

Then the smile did come and he said, “Son let’s go.”      

And outside we went into the cold to build a masjid made out of snow      

The snowflakes keep falling, but build it we did      

And I helped out a lot even though I’m still a kid      

Just me and my dad, a million snowflakes,      

and my mom watching from the door      

Praising Allah in the middle of a snowstorm      

What son could ask for more?      


– by Umm An-Nu’man      


Umm An-Nu’man is a teacher and author. She blogs at The Well-Read Muslim and A Muslim Child is Born. Visit The Official Website of Umm An-Nu’man for more information about her books and for a variety of free Islamic educational resources for children.      

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