Muslim Poems for Children (Book Review)

Muslim Poems for Children by Mymona Hendricks
Photo sourced from Islamic Foundation store

I have much reason to rejoice,   

And praise Allah in a grateful voice,

 Because I’m happy and content,    

 With all the favours Allah sent.    

He created me so perfectly,  

And did it all so lovingly,    

While showing me the way to go,    

No wonder that I love Him so.    

Therefore to Him I bow and pray,    

And try to obey Him everyday…    

          Excerpt from “Who am I?” by Mymona Hendricks in Muslim Poems for Children (1996)    

Muslim Poems for Children by Mymona Hendricks is a collection of twenty poems for children between the ages seven and thirteen. The poems are about a variety of Islamic topics including the pillars of Islam (e.g. salah (prayer), hajj and fasting); Islamic identity, the Quran, brotherhood and parents.    

The poems are written in a very simple form and rhyme. They are especially good for reading aloud. Children will find the rhymes easy to memorise. In the classroom or home, the poems could form part of an Islamic studies lesson plan.    

How this big earth came to be,      

And everything that we see,    

Even things in outer space,    

Came about by Allah’s Grace…    

Read it up in your Qur’an,    

It will strengthen your Iman.    

How people lived so long ago,    

Lessons that we have to know,    

And who does Allah love the best,    

And why He puts us all to test…    

Read it up in your Qur’an,    

It will strengthen your Iman…     

          Excerpt from “Your Qur’an” by Mymona Hendricks in Muslim Poems for Children (1996)    

The collection features short excerpts from Quran or hadeeth at the end of several poems. Photographs of children engaged in various daily routines and Islamic duties are interspersed throughout the collection. A glossary of Islamic terminology is included at the end.    

While the collection is very interesting the presentation of the material could have been a bit more appealing to young children. A more interesting layout of text, use of vibrant colours and a greater variety in illustrations would have given this poetry collection a lot more visual appeal. Nevertheless, Muslim Poems for Children is a valuable collection of simple poems that makes learning about Islam easy and interesting.    

Title: Muslim Poems for Children    

Author: Mymona Hendricks    

Publisher: The Islamic Foundation    

Date: 1996    

ISBN: 0860372189    

No. of pages: 48    

Age Group: 7 – 11 years