Reading – Poem by a young Muslim poet

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Today I am happy to share with you a guest post by Fida Islaih, a young Muslim poet. I stumbled upon her poetry about a year or so ago. Fida has kindly consented to my request and composed a short poem on reading and what it means to her. Read more of her poetry at A Poet Named Fida.


© Fida Islaih


Reading is like traveling

seeing, being in different worlds

all imaginable

if you let your mind go.


Reading is like pictures

but looking the way you want;


Reading is like writing

Letting the world know what’s on your mind.

Poetry from a young Muslim woman


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Not long ago I came upon a delightful blog filled with the poetry, writings and reflections of a young Muslim American woman. I feel happy whenever I meet young people who are not just creative but who also make a productive use of their time.

So here is a poem by Fida I from thepoetrykorner:

My Family is Global
I have grandparents
uncles and aunts
from Palestine and Malaysia
and don’t forget North America.
I also have second cousins
from Italy, Russia,
and Turkey
but don’t forget China
and India
If we’re all together
we create a picture
of faces of different
color and race
but that doesn’t matter
cuz we’re unique as a family.
My family is global
and that’s why
we love to travel.
~ by Fida I
And here is another I really like:
Life’s Not Perfect
Just think
life is not always gonna be great

there might be days
full of laughter and fun
but in one moment things could change

someone can pull your last straw
make you wanna scream

tears run down your face
you want a friend to come
listen to you and understand your feelings
give you a hug and say
everything will be okay.

Life isn’t always be the way you want it to be
we just have to pray and hope
that God will be by our side
every step of the way.

~ by Fida I
These poems are the works of Fida I and are only reproduced here by permission of the poet. 

Rays of Truth: Poems on Islam (Book Review)

Book cover of "Rays of Truth: Poems on Islam" by Ayesha bint Mahmood
Photo sourced from the Islamic Foundation Store

My soul cannot rejoice

 For within me, an inner voice    

Reminds me of all I have done    

And I am failing to do    

To leave me alone it may never …     
– Excerpt from “I Wish I were a Snowflake” by Ayesha bint Mahmood in Rays of Truth: Poems on Islam (1997)   


Rays of Truth: Poems on Islam is a collection of thirty-two poems meant for young adults. In this collection of powerful poetry readers are drawn into a world that makes them ponder about life, death, sacrifice, faith and Allah. The poetry itself is inspiring and uplifting while at once calling the individual to realise the meaning of life.     
I seek refuge in You O Allah!   
From eyes that are not restrained 



And from a tongue that is not tamed      

From a heart that is complacent    
And from a mood that is not patient    
I seek refuge in You O Allah!     
From a soul that is not grateful…      

 – Excerpt from the poem “We Seek Refuge in Allah” by Ayesha bint Mahmood in Rays of Truth: Poems on Islam (1997)      

These poems are suited for youths ages 13 and up. They are can be used in the classroom or at home as the starting point for discussions about how Muslims must approach life.  A glossary is included at the end that explains various Islamic terminologies.      

Title: Rays of Truth: Poems on Islam      

Author: Ayesha bint Mahmood      

Publisher: The Islamic Foundation      

Date: 1997      

ISBN: 0860372634      

No. of pages: 55      

Age Group: 13+ (Young Adult)      

Poem of the Day: Knowledge Is…

Qur'an open with pen and paper next to it

photo by muslimpage


Knowledge Is …


Knowledge is an apple tree 

Wisdom is to pick her fruit 

Knowledge is a gallant sword 

Wisdom is to slay Taghut 

Knowledge is a waterfall 

Wisdom is to cleanse 

Knowledge is to know your neighbour 

Wisdom is to befriend 

Knowledge is a summer flower 

Wisdom is her scent 

Knowledge is to seek forgiveness 

Wisdom is to repent 

Knowledge is a shining star 

Wisdom is her light 

Knowledge is the freedom struggle 

Wisdom is to fight 

Knowledge is Divine Decree 

Wisdom is to trust fate 

Knowledge is to raise our hands 

Wisdom is to supplicate 

Knowledge is a swelling plant 

Wisdom is her seed 

Knowledge is the Book, Qur’an 

Wisdom is to read 

Knowledge is an ivory pearl 

Wisdom is her charm 

Knowledge is the certain Truth 

Wisdom is Islam. 

– by Ayesha bint Mahmood 

SOURCE: Rays of Truth: Poems on Islam  Ayesha bint Mahmood. The Islamic Foundation (1997), Page 35.