In the News

Ever so often I like to post links about literacy and reading as reported in the news. Here is round-up of the last few weeks:

Reading Crisis in Arab World

It is certainly good to see the Arab world talking about the issue of literacy and what is termed a ‘reading crisis’ that exist in countries of the Gulf region. An article in the Arab News talks about what’s happening to change this and in particular the work of a publisher in United Arab Emirates.

Reading to babies

This article about library story-time programmes for babies also highlights some interesting facts about the importance of reading to children from a very early age. For example, from birth to age two, reading impacts on a child just as talking to the child does. It helps build vocabulary for one.  Read more here.  

Can technology encourage children to read?

A recent study on reading surveyed almost 2,000 children and parents reports that while many parents think that the use of electronic and digital devices negatively affects the time kids spend reading books; some children expressed interest in reading e-books and some others said that they would read for fun if they had access to books on an electronic device. The study also highlights some other interesting trends in reading. Read the news article here and a summary of the study here.

Babies reading, Books for boys, Summer Play ‘n’ Read and Literacy Tips for Travel

In the past couple of weeks I’ve come across the following that I thought you might find interesting to read/know. They range from a news article to short stories to some great ways to integrate reading and literacy into those long vacation days:

  • A news article titled, Your Baby Can Read – But Why? by Jamie Swenson takes a look at why expensive reading programs are not necessary to teach your baby/toddler how to read. The writer explains how these programs will teach a child to read eventually but they will not show a child the that reading is an enjoyable experience. Reading is not just about learning it’s about the experience shared between parents and children. 







I hope these inspire and inform you!

Happy Reading eveyone!