Recent Finds

Over the past few weeks I’ve found a set of books and a magazine for Muslim children that look very interesting. I haven’t actually read any of these but I am hoping that when I contact the publishers maybe they send me a sample or two.

Firstly, I found these little books that teach young children various daily dua. The books are actually stories, told in rhyme. These look good for home and school  (kindergarten and early elementary level). Check out Mini Mumin books at:

Secondly, I’ve been seeing lots of great comments online about a new magazine for children coming out of the United Kingdom. Little Explorers magazine appears to be a professionally done magazine. There is not much on the website and I’m not sure if it’s available outside the U.K. Have a look at

If you know any of these products then please share your impressions of them in the comments below (or you can email me instead if you don’t want your comments showing up here – use the contact form or email muslimkidsbooks @ gmail . com). Have fun checking out these new products.


Newest Issue of MAG out

The September/October issue of the Muslim American Girl Magazine is now out. MAG magazine is a free digital magazine (or e-magazine) that caters to Muslim girls, preteens to young adults (10 to 16).

I really like this issue because it was not only informative and filled with practical advice but also inspirational. Here are some features to note:

  • an article on why we should be making the most of the last few days of Ramadan that remain
  • a touching Eid story
  • a young Muslim woman’s view of what it means to be popular
  • some tips to help girls survive school
  • great skin care tips
  • a Muslim’s sisters beautiful photos from her visit to the Great Wall of China

I think that teachers as well as parents should encourage their students and children to subscribe to MAG. School libraries can download it and have it available on the computer for students to read. What’s more, the publication encourages contributions (anything from articles, poetry, photography, recipes, artwork, book reviews and more) from its readers, so this is an opportunity for Muslim girls to get published! For more information and to subscribe check out the MAG magazine’s website.

Special Ramadan issue of MAG now out

Muslim girls and teens will be happy to know that the Muslim American Girls magazine has issued a special issue for Ramadan. The special Ramadan mini-issue is out now and filled with a range of well-written articles pertaining to Ramadan. 

Here are some highlights of the special MAG Ramadan issue:

  • Great advice on how to get the most out of this special month.
  • Maintaining health while fasting.
  • A wonderful story of how a young girl decides to start wearing hijab.

Other features:

  • A great recipe for a delicious drink.
  • Beautiful poetry.
  • Tips on fasting while at school.

The Muslim American Girls magazine is available by subscription from the website.

Newest Issue of MAG magazine

The newest issue of the Muslim American Girls magazine is now out. The July/ August issue contains a range of articles and features that would inspire and educate girls ages 8 to 16 years.

Here are some highlights:

  • How one sister learnt the Arabic language and what it has done for her.
  • How to go about preparing for a natural disaster.
  • A report on the sister health conference held in the U.S. last month.

Other features:

  • Two great recipes.
  • Fun facts about a delicious summer-time fruit.
  • Books recommended for summer reading.

The Muslim American Girls magazine is available by subscription from the website.