Poem of the Day: Knowledge Is…

Qur'an open with pen and paper next to it

photo by muslimpage


Knowledge Is …


Knowledge is an apple tree 

Wisdom is to pick her fruit 

Knowledge is a gallant sword 

Wisdom is to slay Taghut 

Knowledge is a waterfall 

Wisdom is to cleanse 

Knowledge is to know your neighbour 

Wisdom is to befriend 

Knowledge is a summer flower 

Wisdom is her scent 

Knowledge is to seek forgiveness 

Wisdom is to repent 

Knowledge is a shining star 

Wisdom is her light 

Knowledge is the freedom struggle 

Wisdom is to fight 

Knowledge is Divine Decree 

Wisdom is to trust fate 

Knowledge is to raise our hands 

Wisdom is to supplicate 

Knowledge is a swelling plant 

Wisdom is her seed 

Knowledge is the Book, Qur’an 

Wisdom is to read 

Knowledge is an ivory pearl 

Wisdom is her charm 

Knowledge is the certain Truth 

Wisdom is Islam. 

– by Ayesha bint Mahmood 

SOURCE: Rays of Truth: Poems on Islam  Ayesha bint Mahmood. The Islamic Foundation (1997), Page 35.