Hajj is almost here: Resources to help you and those around you prepare

You probably never thought that you and your children (students if you are a teacher) could enjoy learning about the hajj. Even for those who are not performing the hajj, the following are some useful online resources I really liked. All but one are from Sound Vision.

21 Tips for Parents for a Hajj Presentation in Your Child’s Class provides a step by step guide to how to go about planning a visit to your child’s classroom/school to explain what the hajj is. This presentation is intended for public schools.

If you’re wondering why you as a parent or a member of the community should do such a presentation, here is what the article says:

  • an opportunity to share information about not just a religious rite of Islam, but also the story of three prominent figures in the histories of Islam, Judaism and Christianity: Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), Hajira (may Allah be pleased with her) and Prophet Ismail (Peace be upon him).
  • your child and Muslim children feel less awkward identifying themselves as Muslims after someone in an authority position has discussed clearly what they believe in, and why.
  • Muslim children need to feel the importance of their own traditions, especially since we are living in a non-Muslim environment where kids don’t see regular reminders of Islam or its important traditions and celebrations.
  • talking to your child’s class about Hajj is a great way to make Dawa to non-Muslim kids and Muslim kids as well, in particular those who may come from non-practicing Muslim families.

What about learning about hajj at home or in the Islamic school? In 15 ways to make Hajj come alive kids and teens there is a plethora of creative and enlightening activities for children to engage in at home or in the classroom. Check out this article as well 9 things your family can do during the days of hajj and Eid ul Adha.

If you’re a teacher then you’ll find more resources for preparing lesson plans or activities on hajj for your classes from TJ Hajj: Resources for Learning about Hajj.

Coming soon here on the blog, Hajj & Eid ul Adha: A Reading List for Children and Teenagers.