Little Artists for the Greenbird Eid Book

Do your children or your students like to draw, paint and colour? If you answered yes then you might be interested in this unique book project. It’s the Eid Book and it’s being published by Greenbird Books, a Muslim publisher based in the U.K.

The idea is to collect the varied artistic impressions of Muslim children from around the world based on the theme of charity, giving, kindness, sharing, helping, mercy etc. and publish them in a book that to be sold before Eid. The money from sales is to be donated to a Muslim/children’s charity.

I think this is a fantastic initiative on so many levels. Every contributor can benefit as well as those who receive the charity from the sales of the book. There are numerous joys and blessings you can obtain by being involved in producing such a book.

All children worldwide can send in their art pieces. Submissions are currently being accepted and continue up until July 10, 2011. 

So get little ones and slightly older ones excited and involved by having them put on their creative thinking caps (something that comes natural to children)! Let them create some fabulous works of art and see it showcased to the world. All for a good cause. 

Read more about this Eid book project and how to go about sending in your children’s artwork here or email

A new look!

Ummah Reads has a new look! I wanted a cleaner, streamlined look that had the feel of a website. I hope you like it.

If you are a frequent visitor, never fear, all the pages, articles and reviews are still here just in slightly different places. I did update information on the About page (and included something about the mission of this blog here).

The front page (which is the ‘Home’ tab at the top of the page) highlights a feature article and links to recent posts. Menus provide links to archived posts and the categories (or subject matter). If you click on ‘Posts’ you will find posts listed in the traditional blog fashion. The sidebar has the categories and archives listed as well. The footer (bottom of page) has lots of links and other information, while pages are located at the top of the page under the title.

Take a look around and let me know what you think about the new look.


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My independent reader, giveaways and some recent finds

Whilst I’ve been unable to spend time on the blog, I’ve been updating the Ummah Reads page on Facebook and sharing quite a bit of good information and news at UmmahReads on Twitter. However, I did have a quiet moment today and decided since I had the computer all to myself I would post about some of what’s been happening and what I’ve found recently.

But before I do I need to mention two giveaways that are taking place as I type:

  1. MiniMuslimeen magazine is giving away a free copy of its first issue to the first 100 people who email them at MiniMuslimeen is a wonderful magazine for Muslim children that teaches children Islam in fun and inspiring way.
  2. AmericanMuslimMom has a giveaway going on as well on her site. These books are not Islamic but they are great picture books for children 7 years and under. Go have a look here.

Independent Reader

My little one has grown into an independent reader, MashaAllah and now he almost always refuses to be read-aloud to. Bed time used to be special times when we would sit quietly and I would read to him. Not anymore; he wants to read all on his own! I know I should be happy that he can read on his own and I am, AlhamduLillah . But I am also aware that he still needs to hear words being enunciated properly in order to help him pronounce and spell words correctly. In addition, reading aloud has the added benefit of helping him to learn how to express himself through reading with different intonation, voices etc.

I am slowly negotiating to get back to the bedtime routine of reading aloud together and it seems to be working. First I let him read about 10-15 minutes on his own, then we select a book to read together for about 20 minutes. What this means is that we have to start getting ready for bed earlier in order to give us enough time for him to read and then for us to read. 

Recent Finds

I recently came upon (but have not read) the Jannah Jewels series. It’s an adventure chapter book series that aims according to the website to focus on Islam’s rich history. The four characters are all girls who have special skills which they use when they go on their trips. The first book in the series (there are three books in all) is currently available; it’s title “The Treasure of Timbuktu”. For more information on this new series that looks like a great read for children 8 to 12 years, check out the website.

Next up on my list of finds is Owh So Muslim, a website that contains information about essential aspects of Islam presented in an easy-to-read format with fantastic manga inspired graphics. Right now there is a beautiful description of the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) up on the site (see here). Some of the graphics and information are available for free download as well. I can see parents and teachers using this at home or in the classroom (school or weekend Islamic school).

And finally I listened to a poem called Jannah being read by Ammar Al Shukry with the words cleverly appearing on the screen that makes reading the poem as much fun as listening to it. A video that young people will definitely enjoy! Listen here.

And that’s about it for now. I pray that I can get back to posting here regularly once more.

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It’s been a long time since…

… I posted anything on the blog.

Life has been hectic and busy to say the least. During the past month filled with visitors, Hajj, Eid and umrah, I wanted to post but the time just flew by leaving me with little opportunity to sit and write reviews or share news and literacy tips. But hopefully this post is a sign of my return to regular updates to the blog, insha’Allah (Allah Willing).

So what’s been happening? The Islamic Writers Alliance’s Islamic Fiction Story Contest has ended and the results will be announced shortly.  And the Winter edition of the IWA’s magazine is out now and filled with a range of interesting articles, poetry and short stories. Check it out here. Teenagers who enjoy writing (short stories and poetry) still have time to enter the Young Muslim Writers Award (see here for details).

An article I wrote on Muslim teens starting a book club appeared in a recent past issue of the Muslim American Girls Magazine which you can read here.  And a piece I wrote for the Sisters Who Blog’s magazine titled 10 Great Reasons to Read can be found here.

And that’s about it for now. I hope to get back to regular posting soon. Stay tuned and take care.

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