A Muslim Princess (Book Review)

A Muslim Princess is not about a princess in the traditional sense of the word, though I must admit that when I first heard about the book I was thinking of the classic novel A Little Princess. Instead, A Muslim Princess is a short picture book with a big message; be happy to be a Muslim, in particular a Muslim girl.

image via amuslimprincess.com

The book is not so much a story as it is a description of essential aspects of a Muslim girl’s life. We are told that a Muslim girl greets others with salaams, smiles, prays, keeps herself clean and reads Qur’an.I like the simple rhymes which are used to describe each picture, such as:


 A Muslim Princess says “As’ salaamu alaykum” to everyone she greets, and has a smile for anyone she meets.

and this:

A Muslim Princess knows that germs cannot be seen, so washes her hands to always be clean.

The sketches are warm and inviting and use lots of pink which I know is definitely appealing to girls.  The warm smile of the little girl in every picture radiates confidence, peace and happiness. Produced by a mother for her daughter, I think the author’s words best describes the book:

It aims to capture the characteristics a little Muslim girl may aspire to achieve,
from the way she dresses, behaves as well as actions to earn Allah (SWT)’s pleasure.

Many parents will enjoy sharing this book with their little ‘princesses.’ The author plans to bring out another book geared toward boys titled not surprisingly, A Muslim Prince.

The book is available here as well as in bookstores located in Cape Town, South Africa. For more  information about the book visit the website  and Facebook page.