Don’t forget to say Bismillah! (Book Review)

Today, I take a look at an interactive book Don’t forget to say Bismillah! by Farzana Rahman. It’s a book that demonstrates how basic dua is incorporated into the daily life of a Muslim family using a combination of text and sound. I don’t think I’ve come across any Islamic children’s book like this to date. I’m excited about this book because not only is it an engaging story that seamlessly incorporates aspects of Muslim manners, but it is, from the illustrations to the design, a product that is professionally produced.

It’s Safiyya’s first day at nursery today,” says Mum.

“And I have a spelling test today,” says Sara.

“And I have a big football match today,” says Ali

“Everything will go well, Insha’Allah,” reassures Mum, “but don’t forget to say Bismillah before beginning anything you do.”

“I’m done, Al-Hamdulillah,” says Ali. “Your pancakes are the best Mum!”

Jazakallahu Khairan,” says Mum.

Don’t forget to say Bismillah! has a battery operated panel located on the side that allows the reader to press a button to listen to the sound of keywords that appear in the story (such as the coloured words in the excerpt you see above). The slider at the top of the sound panel makes it easy for the reader to move from the Arabic pronunciation of a word to its meaning in English and vice versa. This provides English-speaking children with the opportunity to know the meaning of the Arabic phrases they say, something which is not always the case as the Arabic is learnt and repeated by custom.

The story is simple; a look at a day in the life of a Muslim family from morning as they set off to work and school to the evening as they sit together for dinner. The youngest member of the family, Safiyya, is off to her first day of nursery. Just as she is nervous about it, Mom is nervous about returning to workplace after being away for a long time. Through the entire book Islamic duas are said by members of the household as they eat, talk of plans for the day, are at school or the park.

Young children will delight in seeing Safiyya attempt to say the duas. She wants to say the duas just as her big brother and sister do. So Safiyya says “Hum Lala” when she hears her brother Ali say “Al-Hamdulillah” after eating breakfast or “Yah-Lala” when her mother and sister respond to Ali’s “Al-Hamdulillah” when he sneezes.

I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book as they were realistic. The details make the characters seem like they’re from a Muslim family you know. The book is larger than the average book, but its size is suitable for a child to hold in his lap or place on the table or on the ground in front of him. The sturdy covers protect the glossy pages. Text on the page is clearly printed in a font that is easy to read and does not crowd the page.

A glossary at the back of the book provides the meaning of the basic dua and briefly explains when they are used. A simple match game ends the book as readers are invited to match the dua to the context which it should be said. This activity is good for slightly older readers.

Don’t forget to say Bismillah! is a book that a child three years to six years can read with an adult or on his/her own. It provides an entertaining way of learning duas for the first-time learner or of reinforcing those duas that a child may already be learning at home or at school. I think children heading off to school for the first time would enjoy reading this book as well.  

Title: Don’t forget to say Bismillah!

Author: Farzana Rahman

Publisher: Desi Doll Company

ISBN: 9780956586001

Reading Level: 3 – 7 years

Specifications: Interactive Sound book

The Perfect Gift (Book Review)

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“Sarah looked out of the window. She was very sad. It would soon be Eid, and she still did not have a gift for her mother.”

The Perfect Gift is nothing short of a perfect picture book. It is a heartwarming story of a young girl in search of a gift to give her mother for Eid. A walk in the snowy woods reveals an unexpected gift.

The author, J. Samia Mair, does a wonderful job in getting readers interested in the story from the start. Readers explore the outdoors with Sarah and just like her, feel the joy and happiness in finding something that makes a beautiful gift. Readers also delight in the other ‘perfect gifts’ that Sarah and her family find every time they walk through the woods.

Like a good picture book, the illustrator does a superb job of capturing the flow of the story through the use of soft watercolours. The illustrations in this book are a clear example of what good quality illustrations in children’s books should be like.

The Perfect Gift is a celebration of the beauty of Allah’s creation. A hadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), “Allah is beautiful and love beauty” is seamlessly integrated into the narration. The book is also about finding unexpected sources of delight and wonder in the simplest things that surround you.

A glossary at the end explains the Islamic terms used in the book.

Talking Points: The story is set at the time of Eid ul Adha, tough nothing pertaining to the religious aspects of the event is given. It’s also set in early Spring. Depending on where you live, you can talk about the winter/spring seasons and what happens to animals and plants during this time. Take your children of students on a walk through a natural setting outdoors and talk about what kinds of “perfect gifts” you see. Let children draw pictures and even write stories about what they find. Talk about Allah as Al Khaliq who created all the beautiful things around us. Ask children how they can enjoy nature without destroying it.

 Title: The Perfect Gift

Author: J. Samia Mair

Illustrator: Craigh Howarth

Publishers: The Islamic Foundation (UK)

ISBN: 9780860374381

Reading Level: 5 – 7 years

Interest Level: 4 – 8 years


Also by J. Samia Mair, Amira’s Totally Chocolate World (see review on the blog here)

A Muslim Princess (Book Review)

A Muslim Princess is not about a princess in the traditional sense of the word, though I must admit that when I first heard about the book I was thinking of the classic novel A Little Princess. Instead, A Muslim Princess is a short picture book with a big message; be happy to be a Muslim, in particular a Muslim girl.

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The book is not so much a story as it is a description of essential aspects of a Muslim girl’s life. We are told that a Muslim girl greets others with salaams, smiles, prays, keeps herself clean and reads Qur’an.I like the simple rhymes which are used to describe each picture, such as:


 A Muslim Princess says “As’ salaamu alaykum” to everyone she greets, and has a smile for anyone she meets.

and this:

A Muslim Princess knows that germs cannot be seen, so washes her hands to always be clean.

The sketches are warm and inviting and use lots of pink which I know is definitely appealing to girls.  The warm smile of the little girl in every picture radiates confidence, peace and happiness. Produced by a mother for her daughter, I think the author’s words best describes the book:

It aims to capture the characteristics a little Muslim girl may aspire to achieve,
from the way she dresses, behaves as well as actions to earn Allah (SWT)’s pleasure.

Many parents will enjoy sharing this book with their little ‘princesses.’ The author plans to bring out another book geared toward boys titled not surprisingly, A Muslim Prince.

The book is available here as well as in bookstores located in Cape Town, South Africa. For more  information about the book visit the website  and Facebook page.


Picture Books that let a Child’s Imagination Grow (Book Review)

Some time ago I stumbled upon the website of the publisher Greenbird Books, a Muslim publisher in the United Kingdom. I was happy to find picture books that not only were imaginatively designed, but that would inspire the imaginations of young children. Picture books use a combination of pictures and words to tell a story; in many cases the pictures tell more of the story. Picture books appeal to young children and children up to ages seven (but even older children and adults find them interesting as well!).



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On Monday they marched through a great green land, singing……

“Allah hu Akbar
 we’re going on a journey,
to catch my dua 
just wait and see !”




Let’s Go Dua Catching is a story that takes your child on a journey with a little boy named Eesa and his pet, Mr. Cat. They travel around the world; over seas, through hot deserts and up tall mountains as they search for his dua. All through the book we hear Eesa remember Allah and children will love to join in by repeating the refrain, “Allah hu Akbar.” But Eesa learn that His Creator Allah knows everything, including his dua. This book is a wonderful book for reading aloud. The watercolour illustrations are beautiful, with just enough detail to capture the child’s attention without crowding the page. Infact the pictures have a somewhat tender dreamy quality to them which ties in well with how the book ends.



Title: Let’s Go Dua Catching

Author: Anaya Nayeer

Publisher: Greenbird Books

Reading Level: 5-7 years (Read On Own)

Interest Level: 2-6 years (Read Aloud)  



Somewhere in the North Pole very deep and very far, a Polar Bear dances under a brightly lit star. He sings,

“I am the Polar Shape bear,  the Polar Shape bear, come follow me if you dare !”

 I’m on my way to find a SQUARE. In the middle of Square land a Masjid lay, it called to prayer so everybody came to pray “Oh thank you Allah for all things, come what may! And along came the Polar Shape bear that day ….


”Assalamu alaikum, I am the Polar Shape bear I have come from far to find a square, just like that green one you have right there!” …

In Polar Shape Bear we meet a lively polar bear who introduces children to shapes. He finds them in masjids in various places. By the end of the book Polar Shape bear uses the shapes he collected to spell out a word. This book will appeal to very young children with its clear, vibrant and simple illustrations. The book introduces the child to basic shapes (circle, square and triangle). Children will be captivated by the bear’s smile and will find themselves joining in and singing with him.   

Title: Polar Shape Bear

Author: Ayesha Daoud

Illustrator: Uthman Zafar

Publisher: Greenbird Books

Reading Level: 5-6 years (Read On Own)

Interest Level: 2-4 years (Read Aloud)

For more information about these and other forthcoming titles visit the Greenbird Books website.