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Welcome to the Authors & Illustrators page; a page dedicated to highlighting those who are making a contribution to Islamic children’s literature and publishing (primarily in English).

The list is a work in progress and currently provides links, where available, to a few websites or blogs belonging to or about authors and illustrators of Muslim children’s books. For a more detailed listing of authors of both Islamic adult and children’s fiction please see Islamic Fiction Books and Authors.

The list below, arranged alphabetically by last name, contains authors, poets and illustrators; and either links to their webpages/blogs, links to where their books are available online or a link to a review I have done here on the blog.


Ahmed, Sufiya – author of the Zahra series: Zahra’s First Term at Khadija Academy, Zahra’s Big Debate and Zahra’s Trip to Misr.

Akbar, Nabeel – author of To Catch a Bug  (review)

Ameen, Saba Ghazi – author of two books in the “Bismillah Early Learners” series by IQRA: Allah is Al-Khaliq (The Creator): A Book about Colors and Allah is Ar-Rahman (The Merciful): A Book about Shapes.

Amin, Nazaahah – author and illustrator of Jannah’s Story.

Anjum, Shirley Gavin – illustrator, Islamic Rose Books Series, Grandma & Hijab-Ez Family Activity Book, Star Writers, The Beautiful Names, Silence and The Gift


Baig, Reshma – author of The Memory of Hands

Bullock, Katherine – author of At The Masjid: Learning Series


Clarke, Asiya – illustrator of many young Muslim children’s books such as <a href=”My Mum is a Wonder, Animals andseveral books in the “Allah The Maker Series”: Allah gave me Two Ears to Hear, The Food We Eat and Allah Gave Me Two Hands and Feet

Crane, Freda – author of Ayat Jamilah: Beautiful Signs. A Treasury of Islamic Wisdom for Children and Parents


Delgado, Linda (Widad) – author of the Islamic Rose Books Series and publisher of many titles. Read an interview  with this author here on the blog.

D’Oyen, Fatima M. – author


Emerick, Yahiya – author of numerous children and young adult books including the Layla Deen and Ahmad Deen mystery series. Read an interview with this author here on the blog.


Faruq, Farhana – illustrator children’s magazines and books


Gilani-Williams, Fawzia – author of a large number of books for children including The Lost Ring.

Gori, Maimoonah – author of several children’s stories, nursery rhymes and a novella, The Gravedigger.

Greenwood, Heather – illustrator of At The Masjid: Learning Series


Habbas, Corey – author of The Runaway Scarf

Helwani, Najiyah Diana – author of Sophia’s Journal: Time Warp 1857

Hutchinson, Uthman – author of the Children’s Stories Series and the Invincible Abdullah books.


Ismail, Suzy – author of The BFF Sisters: Jennah’s New Friends


Jones, Jameelah – author of The Mother of Three Prophets and The Sahabiyat


Khan, Farheen – author of Ibrahim Khan and the Mystery of the Roaring Lion

Kayani, M. S. – author of A Great Friend of Children

Khan, Michelle – author of The Hijab Boutique

Khan, Nafees – author of several books including A to Z of Akhlaaq: Moral Values for Children.

Khan, Rukhsana – author of Muslim Child, Roses in my Carpet and other picture books for children and Wanting Mor for young adults.

Khan, Saniyasnain – author of numerous books published by Goodword Books.


Mair, J. Samia author of The Perfect Gift and Amira’s Totally Chocolate World (review)

Messaoudi, Michele – author of My Mom is a Wonder

Mir, Shabana – author of Umar and the Bully

Mobin-Uddin, Asma – author of The Best Eid Ever and My Name is Bilal


Najar, Qasim – author of many books includingBurhaan Khan, The Army of Lions andIbrahim’s Search.

Nazlee, Sajda– author of Acorn and Berry Series, Imran Learns about Ramadan and several other books

Norridge, Rae – author of the Hilmy the Hippo series


Orme, Jamal – author of The Victory Boys


Rahman, Farzana – author of Don’t Forget to Say Bismillah! (interactive sound book)

Radwan, Hassan – author of Rashid and the Missing Body and Rashid and the Haupman Diamond

Robert, Na’ima B. author of several books for children,teens and adults including: From Somalia with Love and Boy vs Girl.


Salim, Umar and Salimah Salim – author and illustrators of the “Upright Series I” by Al-Hidaayah:

Sardar, Farah – author of The Food We Eat

Shabaz, Zakia Iman – author of A Trophy for Bilal.

Sinclair, Mehded Maryam – storyteller and author of  A Trust of Treasures and Miraculous Happenings in the Year of the Elephant. Recordings of stories (on CD)accompany the books. Other recordings include: A Mercy to the Worlds and The Bowing of the Stars.

Stone, Suzanne – author, illustrator of The Jolly Jamaat, Time for Isha and other books for children.


Umm An-Nu’man – author and poet. Author of Hudayfah Learns About Allah and other books.

Umm Aasiyah Muhammad – author of A Muslim Princess.

Umm Hanifah – illustrator of Hudayfah Learns About Allah.

Umm Nura – author of Jannah Jewels series; Treasure of Timbuktu (#1).


Vawda, Salma– author of several books in the series Stories for Little Muslims


Yamani, Muhammad Abdo – author of A Boy from Makkah 

Yaseen, Mohammed – author of The Colour Blind Boy

13 thoughts on “Authors & Illustrators

    • Shukran (thanks) for the sharing the link to the list of Muslim authors and their works. It is impressive and hopefully, will continue to grow especially with advocates such as yourself.

      My intention is provide reviews of islamic fiction for young adults (teens) in the near future, insha’Allah, for the benefit of parents, teachers, librarians and the young adults themselves! At present my selection of such material is limited and I don’t have access to literature currently available on the market. But I am working on it.

  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    We have all the Invincible Abdullah books but I wonder what happened to the author. It would be great to see more books like these from him. My kids really enjoyed them.

    • Wa’alykum Assalam Aishah:

      I was wondering the same myself recently as I was thinking of the “Meet the Author” feature. I will see what I can do by way of finding out about Uthman Hutchison and whether he has published any books recently, inshaAllah.

      Thanks once again for stopping by the blog and for your support.


    • Wa’alaykum Assalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu Umm Uthman:

      Shukran for visiting. Mash’Allah I saw two books listed on your site. Where are your books currently available (online or in bookstores)? I review books in English, so if your books in Spanish and English I would love if you could send me some sample pages, inshaAllah. Please let me know by email


      • As salamu aleikum wa ramatullahi wa barakatuh

        Jazakaallah for your work, is very good guide for us, Mashallah.

        I have a question, I am searching Islamic books for children in English and Spanish, without faces. You could suggest me some, please.

        • Sis. Lina: Wa ‘alaykum Assalam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakaatuhu

          Wa’iyyaki. Shukran for visiting the blog.

          With regard to your question: I am aware of a few wonderful children’s books with illustrations that don’t depict faces available at When I discovered the site (sometme last year), the materials were all in Spanish. However, the author/illustrator, Umm Uthman did indicate that she may produce books in English and Spanish in the future.

          I pray this is of help to you, inshaAllah.

  2. Asallaam Alaykum!! I have to say AlhamdulAllah for this wonderful site! I am a graduate student, a revert, and a teacher at an Islamic school who is doing research on how to encourage reluctant teen readers without compromising their Islamic values and feel as though I have “hit the jackpot” with your site. Thank you for the plethora of information and wonderful links to authors, poets, and works of literature. It is so vital for collaboration and dissemination of knowledge in this field, particularly where their is so little published research on Muslim children’s and young adult literature. I applaud your efforts and would love to know more about the intricacies of the publishing world of Muslim children’s and young adult literature, both fiction and non-fiction since there is also so much work to be done on correcting the bias and misinformation being spread among non-fiction work for young people in the publishing world today. I witnessed this first hand at the American Association for School Librarian’s National Conference this year while visiting with vendors, specifically publishers. There were many books about Islam, yet none seemed to “get it right”. I think that as Muslim professionals, we need to encourage each other to rewrite our own history so as not to discourage our young people from accepting these books that inevitably are read in the public schools. I would love your feedback!!!

    Jazak Allah Khairan for all that you do!!! You are an inspiration!

  3. As Salaamu Alaikum,
    I am so pleased to have found this website. InshaAllah, I would love to be added to your list of authors/illustrators
    I wrote and illustrated the book “I Love My Hijab”
    you can find it here:
    It is part of a series, the next book in line is in the process of being completed now, and is called “I Love My Quran”…this will be followed by “I Love Ramadan”, “I Love Making Dua”, “The Beauty of My Hijab” and “When I Grow Up I Want to be (just like that that Hijabi) (a book about contemporary women in different fields who hijab)

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