Vision & Objectives

At present Ummah Reads takes the form of a blogsite but the creator hopes that one day it will grow to become something more, hopefully an organisation that does charitable literacy work, mentors writers and young leaders, provide library and information centres etc.

To start with take a look at the Vision and Objectives of Ummah Reads. 


To strive toward a literate ummah (community) so that Muslims can grow closer to Allah, be productive citizens and achieve the best they can in this world to benefit them in the Hereafter.


  1. Develop a habit of reading everyday (in addition to reading the Quran) which include a variety of material
  2. Encourage Muslims to write (as a career or as a hobby) stories about themselves 
  3. View reading as a form of entertainment and not just as a way to obtain knowledge

 Why all this?

  • Reading stimulates the mind
  • Muslims need to see themselves in the books they read especially as it helps to create confident Muslim youth (fosters self-identity)
  • We’re bombarded with too many forms of passive entertainment (e.g. watching television, playing computer and video games) and need to get children and teens to enjoy reading


Anything you’d like to see here? Please share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

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