How to Search this Site

1. Search Box:

Located at the  top most right-hand side of all pages is the search box. Enter any word (such as “animals”) or an author’s name (such as “yahiya emerick”)  and the results will be displayed for these words wherever they appear in the site.

2. Age Group:

Maybe you are need something for a child of a certain age? Then select an age group from those listed in sidebar to see what books have been recommended or reviewed on this blog.

3. Theme/Subject:

By clicking on a subject or theme (such as “prophets” or “poetry”) you will find results for book reviews, poems or articles that pertain to these subject/theme areas.

4. Reviews, Interviews and Guest Blog Posts:

In the Theme/Subject listing in the sidebar to the right, select ‘Book Reviews’ to  see a all the book reviews on the site of or click on  ‘Interviews’ to see the interviews I’ve done with various Muslim authors, publishers etc and select “Guest Blog” to see posts by guests.

5. Archives

The sidebar to the right provides a list of all that has been published here arranged by month starting December 2009 to the present.


A few more features of the blog explained:

At the top navigation bar (under blog title) you will find:    

– the Author and Illustrator listing, links to author websites and blogs.    

– the Islamic Fiction page, listing resources to help you understand what IF is all about.

– the Links page which provides links to resources on the Web, organised under various headings (e.g. ‘Publishers’, ‘Media for Muslims’, ‘Activities for Muslim Children’; ‘Reading and Literacy Tips’; ‘Ebooks and Stories Online’), that may be of interest and of help to parents, teachers and librarians.

On the sidebars you will find:   

– the Themes and Age Groups into which the content of this blog has been grouped. Clicking on a link will take you to a page with all the information related to that theme/subject or books pertaining to a specified age group.   

– the Recent Reviews and Articles published on the blog.

– use the Archives to find posts from previous months.  


If you don’t find what you are looking for, then please contact me here or by email to muslimkidsbooks [at] gmail [dot] com.



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