About Ummah Reads

Welcome to Ummah Reads, a site where you will find information about books, reading, literacy, writing free logosand publishing for Muslim children and teenagers.

The information you find here is presented in the form of:

  • Reviews of books and media (mainly Islamic but some general fiction and non-fiction as well)
  • Interviews with authors, publishers, editors and readers
  • Articles about literacy, reading, libraries, writing and related issues
  • News, upcoming events and competitions (e.g. writing competitions)
  • Poetry 
  • Short Stories (coming soon)

Ummah Reads (initially called Guide to Books and Media for Muslim Children and Teens) was created by Saara A., a librarian, mother, avid reader and aspiring writer. At present Ummah Reads takes the form of a blogsite but the creator hopes that one day it will grow to become something more (see the Vision and Objectives stated here).


Please see the review policy for how reviews are done.

I welcome suggestions from readers. Authors or publishers/producers of books and media for children and young adults can send me copies for review. Please use the contact form or send an email to muslimkidsbooks [at] gmail [dot] com. 

I hope this blogsite becomes a useful resource in your life whether you’re a teacher, parent, writer, publisher, community leader or anyone interested in books, writing and literacy.

Thank you for visiting.   

With peace

Editor – Ummah Reads


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