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Ummah Reads (initially called Guide to Books and Media for Muslim Children and Teens) was created by Saara, a librarian, mother, reader and aspiring writer. At present Ummah Reads takes the form of a blogsite but the creator hopes that one day it will grow to become something more (see the Vision and Objectives stated here).


Please see the review policy for how reviews are done.

I welcome suggestions from readers. Authors or publishers/producers of books and media for children and young adults can send me copies for review. Please use the contact form or send an email to muslimkidsbooks [at] gmail [dot] com. 

I hope this blogsite becomes a useful resource in your life whether you’re a teacher, parent, writer, publisher, community leader or anyone interested in books, writing and literacy.

Thank you for visiting.   

With peace

Editor – Ummah Reads

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10 thoughts on “About

  1. Salaams

    I find there is a disconnect between Muslims living in westernized countries where fiction reading and creative writing is taught in schools that many Muslim children attend. In Muslim predominate countries, the educational systems do not require fiction reading and creative writing.

    Emigrants to westernized countries often have grown up to think of fiction reading as a waste of time. Many parents are not even aware of the content or books their children are reading for school or from public libraries. Most islamic school libraries have few fiction books authored and published by Muslims. There are fiction books by Muslims. But the schools have shown a marked preference for secular authored and published fiction books.

    Part of the problem is that Muslim publishers publish too few fiction books for older youth and teens and Muslim retailers do not know how to classify these islamic fiction books on their web sites or in their stores and markets.

    Most authors of contemporary Islamic fiction use the BISAC category system for defining the category and genre of their fiction works. The Muslim publishing-book industry does not have one.

    At my Islamic fiction Books web site http://www.islamicFictionbooks.com I suggesst that the BISAC committee be petitioned to add the sub category islamic Fiction to its database so Muslim authors of fiction can be more easily located and their books more easily located within retail and library catalogs and on book shelves in physical locations where books are bought or loaned for reading.

    During the past 8 years I have donated free islamic fiction and non fiction books to islamic school libraries to get Muslim authored and published books into the hands of students. Also the islamic Writers Alliance, a professional Muslim organization I founded, promotes literacy and donates books to islamic school libraries. But much, much more needs to be done and parent awareness of the importance of litercy and Muslim children reading is needed as a top priority with Muslim educators who remain silent on this topic!

    Thank you for the important work you are doing!

    Linda Delgad, publisher
    Muslim Writers Publishing

    • Assalamu ‘alaykum Widad:

      I am extremely honoured that you visited my blog and website.

      I know that Muslim communities the world over do not realize the importance of reading as a whole and I am working in whatever way I can to change that. But I admire you for your work, which is so much harder, for you not only have to manage the challenges of publishing but you also have to market these products to whom, (as you know from your experience), are unwilling customers in many cases. I didn’t know much about BISAC but from the information on your website (http://www.islamicfictionbooks.com/bisaccoding.html) I see its significance. And your work toward requesting the categorisation of books as ‘Islamic’ is timely and necessary.

      Jazak Allah Khairan for taking time to share your passion and commitment to publishing islamic ficition for young adults.

  2. Assalamu ALiakum,

    Masha’Allah I’m so TOTALLY excited to see this site. This is exactly the fabulous work that was needed to be done to get more people especially Muslims reading. I thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart for undertaking this job and forming this beautifully done website. The categories are wonderful and the organization streamlined and easy to use. I LOVE IT.
    I will be Blogging it in the future. May ALlah Bless you Abundantly.

    Salams, Brandy AZ Chase

    • Wa’alaykum Asslaam Brandy AZ Chase:

      The Muslim community certainly needs more enthusaistic people such as yourself who value literacy and a love for reading!
      JazakiAllah Khairan for visiting the blog. I am glad you like the organization and layout of the blog. Being a librarian I spent many a night tossing and losing sleep on whether the topics and information were organised properly 😉

      I hope you and others find something of benefit among these pages.


  3. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Thanks so much for leaving your comment on my blog ( http://uk4dz.wordpress.com ) – I’m really happy to have come here and read some of your site. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more of your reviews since I have kids in most of the age groups you have listed! (14, 12, 9, 6, 3, 9mnths)

    • Assalamu ‘alaykum Umm Ibrahim
      I am glad you stopped by. JazakiAllah Khairan. I am working on more book reviews at present and starting in the near future, I will be interviewing authors and sharing their hopes and experiences with readers, insha’Allah. So stay tuned and I look forward to your visits again.

    • @ Manas
      Ameen to your dua.

      JazakAllah Khairan for visiting the blog. Please visit often to read new book reviews and recommendations, insha’Allah.


  4. Assalamualaikum.
    First of all, this blog is much needed. Keep up the good work.
    I have to agree that most Muslim parents regard reading anything other than text books is a waste of time. This has taken away inquisitive spirit amongst Muslim. We have not been able to aspire to the likes of great Muslim thinkers of the past and in turn failed to contribute to the excellence of Islam.
    I am all for fiction. However I would like to see more writers coming up with books with stories, real stories from the annals of Islamic history. Stories to learn from and emulate in our own lives. These stories need to be in a fashion of writing that young children can grasp. Good illustration will keep the book interesting especially for the lower preschool and lower elementary groups.
    It would be great if authors can tie back issues and struggles in today’s world back into lives of Prophets, Sahaabah or even ahadith. This would really create a connection in the minds of our children.
    Book illustration seems to be another area that definitely needs improvement. We still need many more interesting picture books that will engage our kids.

    • Wa’alaykum assalam A’isha Radhiyya

      JazakuAllahu Khairan for sharing your views.

      I agree with you on the need for improved illustrations in muslim children’s books.

      And of course we need to know our Islamic history and we need more books that present it in a attractive and readable manner.

      Take care and I look forward to your visits in the future.

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