The Ummah Reads RoundUp: Express Edition

Assalamu ‘alyakum (peace be upon you)

Just popping in to the blog to post what I’ve come across recently.

Great Review of book for Muslim girls

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Some time ago I mentioned  the Jannah Jewels series. A few days ago I read a description of why one parent loves the first book in the series. “Perfect for a young Muslim girl to lose herself in, imagining herself as a powerful young Muslima like the Jannah Jewels.” [source]

The book is titled Treasure of Timbuktu and is authored by Umm Nura.

Read more of this review here. Visit the Jannah Jewels website for more information about the author and her books.

Bilingual Islamic Children’s Books – English/Spanish

If you are looking for Islamic books in Spanish for your children then check out the books from Hablamos Islam Ninos. They books are produced by a husband and wife team and feature simple faceless illustrations.

Read an article in The Muslim Link newspaper that describes the reasons why this family began publishing these bilingual books for Muslims in the U.S.

Summer Reading Programmes

If you live in the U.S. check out this post over at American Muslim Mom that lists some free summer reading programmes.

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