Little Artists for the Greenbird Eid Book

Do your children or your students like to draw, paint and colour? If you answered yes then you might be interested in this unique book project. It’s the Eid Book and it’s being published by Greenbird Books, a Muslim publisher based in the U.K.

The idea is to collect the varied artistic impressions of Muslim children from around the world based on the theme of charity, giving, kindness, sharing, helping, mercy etc. and publish them in a book that to be sold before Eid. The money from sales is to be donated to a Muslim/children’s charity.

I think this is a fantastic initiative on so many levels. Every contributor can benefit as well as those who receive the charity from the sales of the book. There are numerous joys and blessings you can obtain by being involved in producing such a book.

All children worldwide can send in their art pieces. Submissions are currently being accepted and continue up until July 10, 2011. 

So get little ones and slightly older ones excited and involved by having them put on their creative thinking caps (something that comes natural to children)! Let them create some fabulous works of art and see it showcased to the world. All for a good cause. 

Read more about this Eid book project and how to go about sending in your children’s artwork here or email


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