Poetry for Muslim children

Children like to hear poems read aloud, especially when they rhyme and/or are a bit silly. Sadly, if you happen  to be looking for Islamic rhymes for Muslim children and teens you will find yourself disappointed. That’s because there is very little available out there.

Although, last year around this time  I did review the few books of poetry for Muslim children which I know of. If you haven’t already seen these then check them out. 

Book cover of "Rays of Truth: Poems on Islam" by Ayesha bint Mahmood

Rays of Truth: Poems on Islam is a collection of thirty-two poems meant for young adults. In this collection of powerful poetry readers are drawn into a world that makes them ponder about life, death, sacrifice, faith and Allah. The poetry itself is inspiring and uplifting while at once calling the individual to realise the meaning of life.  Read more about this collection of poems here.

Muslim Poems for Children by Mymona Hendricks


Muslim Poems for Children by Mymona Hendricks is a collection of twenty poems for children between the ages seven and thirteen. The poems are about a variety of Islamic topics including the pillars of Islam (e.g. salah (prayer), hajj and fasting); Islamic identity, the Quran, brotherhood and parents.  The poems are written in a very simple form and rhyme.Read more about this collection of poems here.

The Muslim children’s author, Umm An-Nu’man has written some beautiful poetry. The rhymes and clear images the evoke make them great for sharing with a young child. Read aloud in the classroom or with young ones at home. See two wonderful poems by this wonderful author that I posted in the past here.

 PhotoCredits: Islamic Foundation store

Do you know of any collections of poetry for Muslim children or teenagers?

Do you or someone you know enjoy writing poetry? Then you have an opportunity to enter and win the only one of its kind for Muslims, the Islamic Writers’ Alliance’s  7th annual Poetry Competition. Submissions are being accepted until April 30th. Poems on any theme are allowed. View rules and details about the competition here.


3 thoughts on “Poetry for Muslim children

  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    Ukht Saara, I just wanted to tell you that I really like the short paragraph you have about yourself!

    Jazakillaahu khayr dear sis for all of your hard work and dedication.

    Umm An-Nu’man

    • Wa ‘alaykum assalam Umm An-Nu’man

      JazakiAllahu Khairan for your kind words dear sister.

      I hope things are not as hectic as they were, will email you inshaAllah.

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