It’s been a long time since…

… I posted anything on the blog.

Life has been hectic and busy to say the least. During the past month filled with visitors, Hajj, Eid and umrah, I wanted to post but the time just flew by leaving me with little opportunity to sit and write reviews or share news and literacy tips. But hopefully this post is a sign of my return to regular updates to the blog, insha’Allah (Allah Willing).

So what’s been happening? The Islamic Writers Alliance’s Islamic Fiction Story Contest has ended and the results will be announced shortly.  And the Winter edition of the IWA’s magazine is out now and filled with a range of interesting articles, poetry and short stories. Check it out here. Teenagers who enjoy writing (short stories and poetry) still have time to enter the Young Muslim Writers Award (see here for details).

An article I wrote on Muslim teens starting a book club appeared in a recent past issue of the Muslim American Girls Magazine which you can read here.  And a piece I wrote for the Sisters Who Blog’s magazine titled 10 Great Reasons to Read can be found here.

And that’s about it for now. I hope to get back to regular posting soon. Stay tuned and take care.

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Editor – Ummah Reads


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