Muslim authors – Recognizing the work they do

It is high time that members of the Ummah recognize the work of creative individuals who produce quality Islamic literature, particularly Islamic fiction. It’s true that we need to read a variety of books, but when children (students, if you are a teacher) are growing up they need to read about and see characters like themselves in the books that they read. Reading books with Muslim children and teenagers solving their problems in an Islamic framework will help build an Islamic identity, improve their thinking and analytical skills and provide positive role models while enjoying a good story that will entertain them. What more can you ask of a good book?

Over the past fifteen years or so there has been a slowly growing presence of Islamic Fiction on the market. Muslims writers who chose to write books about Islam and Muslims have sacrificed and struggled to write and publish books. Who are the people who write these good Islamic books? In order to help you meet and get to know the authors of the Islamic books that our children read I’ve been interviewing Muslim authors here on the blog. To read the interviews go here. Checkout the list of authors and illustrators that I’ve put together here (or see link below the header). Or visit for an extensive listing of Muslim authors and their works here.

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