What’s Happening in October

At the beginning of each month I try to let you know what will be happening on the blog . So for the month of October you can look forward to the following, inshaAllah (Allah Willing):

  • An interview with an author of many wonderful children’s books. Check out interviews I’ve done with other authors in the past here.
  • Reviews of books that I’m currently reading including Burning Boats (a novel for teenagers) and The Perfect Gift ( a picture book); both wonderful pieces of Islamic Fiction for two different age groups.
  • And of course, links to news, articles and other information related to books for Muslim children and teens, literacy and libraries.

I’ll be working on a few projects starting in October and continuing into November. As a result I’m going to schedule some reviews and articles to be published while I’m away. I’ll be checking my email off and on so I’ll get your messages and comments but I may not be able to approve or reply right away.

Just a quick reminder that this blog now has a page on Facebook. I post links to interesting news, articles and other information related to Islamic books for children and teens and literacy. So if you’re on Facebook please like and join the UmmahReads page:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/UmmahReads/150633018300453 

Or if you’re on Twitter, then you can follow my tweets for this blog by following http://twitter.com/UmmahReads

Happy Reading!


Editor, UmmahReads

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