Writers’ Resources

photo by louveciennes (source: Flickr Creative Commons)


Whether you’re a Muslim writer who has been published, an aspiring author, work in the Muslim publishing industry or an illustrator,  you may consider find the following two resources useful:     


Resources for Muslim Writers

A great resource for writers is the site appropriately titled Resources for Muslim Writers. It run by a freelance writer and editor, Sr. Amel Abduallah and is filled with a wide range of resources to help the new and veteran writer. From publications looking for submissions to writing competitions as well as a list of helpful writers’ websites, Resources for Muslim Writers is a site you will want to bookmark and return to again and again. Visit the site here: http://muslimwriters.blogspot.com/      


Islamic Writers Alliance Inc.

The Islamic Writers Alliance Inc. is an organisation that supports the development of writers. Members are Muslim and hail from around the globe and range from writers, illustrators, book retailers, publishers and educators. Members benefit from the support network the IWA provides through its online egroup. In addition, members get a profile page on the IWA website which is an opportunity to promote your work. For more information about the IWA and to join please visit: http://www.islamicwritersalliance.net/      

The IWA magazine (formerly called Islamic Ink) is a quarterly on-line magazine of the IWA. The IWA Magazine provides tips for writers, information about the publishing industry, book reviews, interviews of IWA members, fiction stories and nonfiction articles written by members. Read the new magazine and sign up to receive upcoming issues as soon as they are published here:  http://iwamagazine.wordpress.com


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