What’s happening in September

Assalamu ‘alaykum (peace be upon you)     

I pray that all readers are well and that those fasting (for the month of Ramadan) are reaping the benefits of this special time.    

Thank you (Shukran) to all those readers out there who have visited this site, took time to leave comments, send in questions, vote in the poll and shared/liked the posts they read here.    

There are lots more interesting things coming your way during this month….    

During the month of September you can look forward to the following:

– My interview with storyteller and writer Maryam Mehded Sinclair (see review of her book A Trust of Treasures here)    

– Ideas for recognising International Literacy Day which is on September 8    

– Using Teacher Study Guides (TSG) for Islamic Fiction novels in the Islamic school setting    

– A post featuring online resources for Muslim writers    

– More book reviews     

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WordPress Features:

For new readers to the blog and for those of you who are not familiar with some of the features of WordPress blogs, I wish to point out that you can now:    

– “Like” posts you read here on UmmahReads by clicking on the like button at the end of posts    

– Share posts on Twitter, Facebook, Email (or any other way you like)! You will find the “Share This” feature at the end of each post     

“Rate this” feature at the end of posts lets you select stars to indicate how you rate them, with 5 stars being excellent    

So please show your support and encourage others to benefit from what this site offers by liking, sharing, and rating! 🙂    

Best wishes for the rest of Ramadan and the happiness of Eid.    


signature for saara, editor of UmmahReads    

Editor – Ummah Reads    


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