A variety of interesting articles on the benefits of reading for all ages

photo source: Michelle Meiklejohn (freedigitalphotos.net)


Here are a few articles I came across recently that I wish to share with you. They all pertain to the benefits of reading in one way or another.  

To start with, I thought that the 7 Benefits of Reading was an excellent reminder for adults that making time to read even when life seems too busy really is worth it. Read more of this article here.  

Another article which I also enjoyed was Seven Ways to Improve Your Reading Habit which shows how a successful Muslim can incorporate reading into everyday life. Read this article here.   

The Benefits of Reading is a short article that starts off with asking, “Did you know that reading can keep your mind active and engaged well into old age?” I really liked how the writer showed that reading is important for all ages. Read more here.    

Maybe you and your children like listening to books sometimes when reading them is just not an option (in the car for example). Then you might like this neat list of 10 Benefits of Reading Books with your Ears. See the article here.    

And in Listening while Reading we learn how audiobooks can be used in the classroom to support learning. Parents, and teachers especially, may find this article really helpful. Read more here.  


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