Book Trailers

Book trailers are somewhat like movie trailers; they give you a brief introduction to the book, just enough to hook you and get you to want to read the book (obviously you have the buy the book; just like you would the ticket or DVD to see the movie). Book trailers are used to promote books and they also work really well in attracting otherwise reluctant readers. Read more about book trailers here and teachers may find that they can encourage students to read books by asking them to make a book trailer when using the instructions here.

Muslim author, Na’ima B. Roberts recently used a book trailer to promote her newest book (out this month), Boy vs. Girl. Here it is:

Incidentally Na’ima B. Robert is stopping by here on July 23 (which is just a few days away). She is doing a guest post here on the blog and will include more information about her new book. So don’t forget to drop by on the 23rd!


4 thoughts on “Book Trailers

  1. AA,
    With all due respect – Is it a halaal trailor? Why should the trailer include pictures of girl? How are we different from un-believers then?

    • Wa’alaykum Assalam MAK:

      I cannot answer your questions. But I can tell you that the medium (i.e. the book trailer) gets the message (i.e. what the book is about) across to the reader. Book trailers work really well with getting young people to read, espeically those who are not inclined to reading.

      Shukran for visiting my blog.


      • Sr. Saara,
        Agreed with your clarification on book trailers but make it halaal. Yes, we should use the latest technology to get the message out there but within the context of Islam. We all want our good deeds to remain good on the day of Judgement iA. Your answer is not to the point.

        Your comment is quite misleading & I wouldn’t advise my friends to follow this blog if it is going against the word of ALLAH (SWT). Be bold to face the truth and stay on Haq. May Allah (swt) give us all tawfique. Aameen.

        Remember the sayings & Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Remember the world of Allah which is mentioned in the Qur’an.

        Hope you will take corrective actions bA.

        Fi Amanillah,
        Your brother in Islam.

        • @ Brother MAK:
          Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah:

          JazakumuAllahu Khairan for the reminder and advice.

          My post was looking at the use of a book trailer and I just didn’t think of assessing the nature of the particular book trailer I used as an example. You’re right, if there are images of women not properly covered then they shouldn’t have been used.

          But I just want to you to understand that the book trailer uses the same images that are on the cover of the book. The author herself expressed regret for having a book cover designed as it was and I quote Nai’ma B. Robert:

          As for the front cover, it wasn’t my choice and I’m not in a position to veto. I tried to avoid it as much as possible, but the publishers went ahead with it. It’s a regret of mine and if I had my way, I wouldn’t have it there at all.

          This quote is taken from an interview with Sr. Na’ima here

          Shukran once again for commenting,


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