Muslim Teacher Newsletter

The Muslim Teacher Newsletter is an online newsletter which bring Islam and education together. It is complied by a team of teachers and educators and published by Sound Vision. The newsletter focuses on outlining resources for Muslim teachers as well as ways in which Muslim teachers can integrate Islam into their daily teaching. It has mainly a North American slant, particularly the United States. Yet there is inspiring information any parent, teacher or general reader can benefit from.

According to the website:

We are launching the “Muslim Teacher”, an online newsletter, with the hope of offering educators tools and best practices to help them develop Muslim youth who are contributing citizens and confident Muslims.

Our writers and editors, as well as audience, include educators in full-time Muslim schools, weekend and after school Islamic studies programs, public schools, and homeschooling parents.

Read the First Issue and the Second Issue of Muslim Teachers. The newsletter editor is also looking for contributors to the magazine.


3 thoughts on “Muslim Teacher Newsletter

  1. Jazak-Allah Saara for this post. It’ll Insya-Allah be a wonderful resource for parents and educator especially those of us here in North America.
    I was just working on a teaching plan on ants and Subhanallah the newsletter has an entire article on it. This is precisely the kind of teaching I am interested in, hands-on and beyond the worksheets and classrooms.

    • Assalamu ‘alaykum Alizah:

      AlhamduLillah I am happy that you found the newsletter beneficial. Please share the link with other teachers and parents.

      JazakumuAlalhu Khairan for visiting the blog!

      Best wishes.

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    What an awesome resource! There’s lots to go through. Loved the video about the inventions of muslims. Everybody click on these’ll be impressed.

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