Bookshelves that inspire reading

Always in need of more bookshelf space I’m always on the lookout for bookshelves that are not only space-saving but are pleasing to the eye. Over the past few years I have seen some really creative (and sometimes outrageous) bookshelf designs.  Some, it seems, are more works of art than storage and display for books. Some bookcases may work in a library or the office but most are designed for the home. No longer are bookshelves in the home just storage for books. Books shelves are now an integral of home decor.   

So as I continue to dream of what I would like to have in my home one day, I compiled a short list of some of the bookshelves I have found on the Web that I really take a liking too.   

Here is one that is artistic and imaginative while being practical:



The design artist, Shawn Soh, has the following on his website: “a tree becomes a book becomes a tree.” It would be good in a child’s bedroom or for the playroom in the home. But it can also work wonderfully in a kindergarten or in the children’s section of a public or school library.    


The Bookman bookshelf is a work of art as well as a bookshelf:



I could just see boys (who in many cases are less inclined to read) in the library wanting to pick-up a book from this bookshelf to read (and who knows, maybe even borrow one as well!).     

The Cave creates a space within a bookshelf for the reader:


I think this is another bookshelf that might interest children enough to want to curl up with a book!     


And if I ever run out of space for storing books in my home, I could try using a staircase like this:




So what do you think of these bookshelves? Do you think they would inspire your children to want to read a book? Can you see yourself with any of these in your home?


7 thoughts on “Bookshelves that inspire reading

  1. as salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh 🙂

    I can TRULY see myself with these 🙂 We are passionate about books and are completely out of space/shelves, ma shaa Allah. Love the tree (totally impractical for us as we live in very dusty Pakistan) and the stairs!

    • Salaams Imaan:

      How wonderful of you to stop by my blog. Glad that we share a passion for books and are always looking for a place to put the ones we have! 😉 I love the tree bookshelf the most too!

      Hope you come by again soon!
      Best wishes.

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    My son (12)loves the cave. I love the tree. I think they would work best in a library or at least a room put aside in the home as a library which is my dream.

    • Salaams Aishah:

      Ahhhh….to dream of having a room in our homes dedicated to being a library. I have always dreamt of such a thing! I would like the walls of such a room be lined with shelves (kind of classic look). But I would also like there to be a cosy nook for my child in such a room and I think ‘The Cave’ and ‘The Tree’ would be perfect in such a place.

      Thanks for visiting and always taking time to leave comments! 🙂

  3. ohhh how i wish to have these…! I am almost always out of storage space for my books.. I love the book tree..!

    • @Ranada:

      Welcome to the blog and a big thanks for leaving a comment.

      I love the book tree too! 🙂

      Happy reading and please stop by more often!

  4. It’s truly inspiring to see these bookshelves. They all have a sense of art in them as well. For younger children though displaying the cover of the book will be a way to attract them to pick and read it. The rain gutter is a well known way to display. The is a segment on it in the read Aloud-Handbook by Jim Trelease.
    In our home we have display ledges in different areas. My only complain about these is that we’ve got to cover them/ remove the book with pictures of people and animal. Would love to hear suggestion from families out there.

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