Colours of My Imagination – Video

Last month I mentioned that my son was reading To Catch a Bug by Nabeel Akbar and really enjoying it. In my search for more books by this author I ended up at his website. Some of the other books he has written for children include Down the Hill We Go and Castle Park.

I also found links to two animated stories by the author. With his permission, I wish to share with you Colours of My Imagination (see video below). Travel around the world, back or forward in time, while learning about colours.  So sit back and watch this with your little one. You are bound to love this Muslim boy’s enthusiasm for art!


2 thoughts on “Colours of My Imagination – Video

  1. Masha’Allaah that was truly brilliant, my son will enjoy reading his books. he likes rhymes…like the ‘The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler’. Insha’Allaah, I will endeavor to invest in his books firstly because he is a muslim and secondly becasue of his well written books for children.

    was salaam

    Umm Talha

    • Salaams:

      My son likes the Julia Donaldson books as well! Nabeel Akbar’s books are really catchy with the rhymes and the vibrant illustrations. And the stories on video are superbly narrated by a child making it really appealing to young ones! See my review of one of the author’s other books here.

      Shukran for visiting and I look forward to your future visits.

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