New Issue (#5) of Literacy Lava is out

About two months ago I introduced you to a wonderful magazine called Literacy Lava. It is aimed at parents and provides a wide variety of tips and help on how to make reading, writing and learning fun.

A new issue has just been published and I have really enjoyed reading through it. The articles are written by teachers, literacy advocates, writers and parents.

Here are some of the things that I really liked about this issue:

  • Getting children to have fun learning to spell
  • How to get your child writing letters and postcards
  • Tips on how to make reading picture books a really unique learning experience
  • Reading both fiction and non-fiction books aloud help to make reading and learning fun and informative. (In this article some really neat activities are included along with book suggestions).
  • Having fun with various poetry forms

Literacy Lava is a digital magazine in pdf format available for free here.


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