10 Great Reasons to Read to Our Children

Sometimes we need a little motivation to get us going in the right direction, to continue on course or to resume a course of action we once started. This is true for many parents when it comes to reading to our children.

Some of us began reading to our children from babyhood and all the way into kindergarten age. Then slowly we let the read-aloud habit fall to the wayside as our child grow into independent readers. But regardless of age our children benefit ftom hearing us read, from our expressions and pronunciation of words. Did you know that our children can listen at a higher level than they themselves can read?

So read, read, read. We must read everyday with our baby, toddler, preschooler, kindergarten, elementary and middle school child. We may even try reading to our teenagers too as I have heard of one parent doing. 

Here are 10 Great Reasons to Read to Your Children

  1. “A Command” – The Qur’an, the best book and guidance, begins with the word “Read”. Read the Qur’an, read the hadith and then read some more. There are many Islamic books (and the numbers are growing) for you to read aloud to your child (see the book reviews on this blog).
  2. “Learn the Deen” – Sharing books is one great way of teaching children Islam.
  3. “Together Time” – Reading brings families together. What better way than to spend time together sitting and sharing books.
  4. “Warm Connections” –  Holding the very young in your lap, sitting snugly with an older child on the sofa, or just sitting on the corner of the bed reading aloud can be a warm and loving experience. A child feels happy and secure having his/her parent’s time and attention.
  5. “Reading Readiness” – Children who are read to grow into readers. Reading aloud to your child from young makes him/her familiar with the sound and appearance of the printed word. Making this connection makes it highly possible for this child to develop into a confident reader from an earlier age.
  6. “Imagination and Expression Booster” – Develops the imagination of an older child as he/she must picture the story, settings and characters in his mind. They as well as younger children learn how to express words by hearing you read.
  7. “Life Skill” – You are giving them a life skill. Reading is essential in all functioning as a Muslim and a human being. Besides, it has also been said, every teacher and librarian you ever meet will thank you!¹
  8. “Attention Span Grows” – Listening to stories will help learn to concentrate and develop your child’s attention span.
  9. “Word Power” – Reading aloud helps to build vocabulary and improve pronunciation of new words. Children can communicate their ideas and feelings better when they use a variety of words.
  10. “Just Fun” – Yes, reading is fun and talking about the illustrations are too!

4 thoughts on “10 Great Reasons to Read to Our Children

    • Wa’alaykum Assalam kakchik:

      JazakiAllahu Khairan for visiting my blog. Yes you may post this on your blog (with a link to here), inshaAllah.


  1. Assalamuelaikum, sister. I’d also like to republish this useful article on my blog by transtating it into Thai. And of course I’ll link the original article from your website.


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