Pledge to Read the Printed Word

Read the Printed Word!Reading, especially books, is an activity that I advocate with great passion. We need to read for all sorts of reasons and not just to learn at school or university. Families must read with their children and to their children from young. If you never have, it is never too late to start. We must make reading a part of our lives everyday, in every way.

If you believe as I do, then you will agree with the pledge below:

Read the Printed Word!

“We support the printed word in all its forms: newspapers, magazines, and of course books. We think reading on computers or phones or whatever is fine, but it cannot replace the experience of reading words printed on paper. We pledge to continue reading the printed word in the digital era and beyond”.

To show your commitment you can add a button (text only or with graphic) to your blog or website. Just go to Read the Printed Word to get one (see mine in sidebar).


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