What’s happening in May

May is here, AlhamduLillah, ushering in the fifth month that the Guide to Muslim Children’s Books and Media has been online. This blog has been well received by many in the Muslim community, MashaAllah.

I want to say a big “JazakumuAllahu Khairan” (a very special Thank You) to all readers of this blog; those who have shared their comments and the silent ones as well. I pray that you have found the information here useful and beneficial to you and your children (students if you are a teacher). Please continue to visit and to share this blog with others.

Another big  “JazakumuAllahu Khairan” (a very special Thank You) goes out to those who have linked to my blog and those who have written about this blog on their sites.

This month you can look forward to the following, inshaAllah (God Willing):

  • “Meet the Author” feature – Interviews with the author and illustrator of the Islamic Rose Book series
  • Reviews of media and a board game
  • Information about a summer reading competition and a family literacy project
  • More book reviews

For new and returning visitors, I just wish to point out that some features you might have missed or those that might interest you:

  1. Check out the Links to Resources for Parents and Activities for Children that can be found at the end of each page (just scroll all the way down).
  2. Explore the list of Authors and Illustrators (just click on tab at the top of the page) and learn about who they are. Maybe you will discover some books you might like reading.
  3. Participate in the Poll (see sidebar) and see the results of what others are doing.
  4. Check out the new “Announcements” page to find out about competitions (reading, writing, others) and literacy projects.

Happy reading!

signature for saara, editor of MCBM

P.S. Remember that you can get new posts sent to you (just enter your email address in the box located in the sidebar) and now you can keep up-to-date by following me on Twitter (follow this blog as UmmahReads).


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