The Final Poem for the Day: A Child’s Prayer

Children making tashahud in prayer
photo by muslimpage

A Child’s Prayer

I sometimes lie awake at night,  

And wonder at the stars so bright,  

I dream about my future too,  

And the things that I will do.  


Soon the nation will count on me,  

I’m future, they all agree,  

And people depend on me somehow,  

Though small and timid I am now.  


So you and I, my dearest friend,  

Must stand together till the end,  

For we are one by Allah’s Grace,  

No matter what our creed or race.  


We must prepare ourselves today,  

While we journey on life’s way,  

So education, we must crave,  

From the cradle to the grave.  


So those entrusted with our care,  

Train us please and do your share,  

We’ll make you proud of us somehow,  

So waste no time and teach us now.  


We need your love and tender care,  

And your sincere and ardent prayer,  

So much there is to learn and see,  

For true believers we must be.  


‘O Allah, we do love You so,  

Give us health nad make us grow,  

Be with us each passing day,  

While we journey on life’s way.  


– by Mymona Hendricks  


SOURCE: Muslim Poems for Children by Mymona Hendricks. The Islamic Foundation (1991). Pages 44-45. 

This beautiful poem brings the month-long celebration of poetry for Muslim children to an end, AlhamduLillah.

A special thank-you goes out to the poets and authors who shared their works.

And a special thank-you to all the readers who stopped by to read these poems. Take time to share them with you children/students, inshaAllah.


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