Muslim Kid’s Reviews

Whether you are trying to encourage you child to read more or whether you child already likes to read, you may be able to motivate them to read by asking them to do a book review for publication online.  

Muslim Kid's Review Badge at

Muslim Kid's Review badge by


The American Muslim Mom website is currently accepting book reviews by children. Check out some reviews done by children here. The reviews simply require that the child lists the information about the book (i.e. title, author, publisher), the age group, the genre (e.g. mystery, fantasy, biography), overall rating (i.e. bad, good, excellent), why the child the likes/dislikes the books, and any interesting facts about the book. Parent are asked to consent to their child posting a review. Reviews are submitted online using this form.  

Writing a book review will get your child writing, develop his/her analytical skills and improve his/her expression.   

So get your children (students if you are a teacher) writing about the books they love and share it with the rest of the world!


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