“Together We Read” – an early literacy project”

The author, Umm An-Nu’man, is starting an early literacy project soon, inshaAllah, which sounds exciting. Details of the project will be up on her blog during the first week of May. 

In corresponding with me, this is what she had to share about the project: 

muslim child born blog logo

photo source "A Muslim Child is Born"


 I want to invite you and your readers to participate in “Together We Read“, an early literacy project being launched on May 15, 2010, on ‘A Muslim Child is Born‘. “Together We Read” will officially launch May 15, 2010, and will be promoted world-wide insha’Allah.   

My goal with this project is to put into the hands of Muslim parents and children quality Islamic fiction and non-fiction from birth. I also hope to encourage parents to establish the habit of reading aloud to their children from birth in accordance with the research that proves how this singular habit significantly impacts a child’s reading success (or lack thereof) when they reach school age. 

For those who blog, I will have a blog button that they can (if they wish) post on their blog insha’Allah. I hope that you will join us and Muslim parents world-wide as we sit down together with our littlest Muslims and read… 

Please visit ‘A Muslim Child is Born‘ the first week of May to learn more about the program and pick up your button insha’Allah – Jazakillahu Khayr!   


I look forward to supporting this project. It will certainly fill a much-needed gap in the Muslim community.   



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