Poem for the Day: A Child’s Wish

Photo by muslimpage

A Child’s Wish

My dear big sisters you are to me

My closest friends and family

And dear big brothers you have a part

Inside my home and near my heart

Though young I am

My bones are small

I wish to tell you something – all

I wish to see the greatest signs

That Allah kindly gives mankind

I wish to plant my growing feet

On the Path of joy and peace

I wish to grow with Islamic conscience

And know my Creator’s Love and Patience

I wish to learn those humble tasks

And do the things that Allah asks

I wish to act on how to best

Help my parents and give them rest

My food and water, I wish to share

With other children because I care

And for my neighbours I wish to try

To be their friend and bring them smiles

So brothers and sisters teach me please

Pour into my heart your expertise

And train me all I need to know

To strive into the world I go

And O Allah! I pray to You

To guide me and my Ummah too

And on You let us all depend

Respond O Lord! My Best Friend.


–          Ayesha bint Mahmood


SOURCE: Rays of Truth. Poems on Islam by Ayesha bint Mahmood. The Islamic Foundation, 1997.



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