Why celebrate poetry?

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Many countries have chosen a month or day of the year to celebrate poetry. The concept is to widen the attention of individuals at all levels of society to the art of poetry. Did you know that in Makkah before and even after Islam, poetry was a highly developed art form? Poets were one of most well-respected individuals in society.

Poetry is a lot of things to a lot of people. Poetry is not prose (i.e. regular writing). Poetry is usually defined by it economy of words. When writing, poets consider “a word’s emotive qualities, its musical value, its spacing, and even its spatial relationship to the page.”


What is Poetry? Who knows?

Not a rose, but the scent of the rose;

Not the sky, but the light in the sky;

Not the fly, but the gleam of the fly;

Not the sea, but the sound of the sea;

Not myself, but what makes me

See, hear, and feel something that prose

Cannot: and what it is, who knows?

     – by Eleanor Farjeon

SOURCE: The Random House Book of Poetry for Children selected by Jack Prelutsky; illustrated by Arnold Lobel, Random House Children’s Books, 1983.


What is National Poetry Month?

National Poetry Month is a month-long, national celebration of poetry in the United States. It was established by the Academy of American Poets in 1996 and is celebrated every year in the month of April in the United States and Canada (from 1999). In Britain national poetry month is celebrated in the month of October (since 2000). World Poetry Day is March 21, as declared by UNESCO in 1999 with the intention of promoting the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry throughout the world.


Poem In Your Pocket Day” is part of the celebration of National Poetry Month in the United States. It is celebrated on Thursday, April 29, 2010! The idea is simple: select a poem you love during National Poetry Month then carry it with you to share with co-workers, family, and friends on April 29, 2010. Some ideas for PIYP Day include: Text a poem to friends, Post a poem on your blog, Add a poem to your email footer, Handwrite some lines on the back of your business cards


Each year a new theme is chosen for National Poetry Day, celebrated in the U.K. (since 1994) with “Heroes and Heroines” being the theme in 2009.


The theme for National Poetry Month this year in Canada is “Climate Change.”


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