Literacy Lava (Magazine Review)

There is much information and resources available on the topic of literacy. Recently, however, I found a wonderful ezine (electronic magazine) called Literacy Lava. It is geared toward parents and is filled with creative and insightful ideas and activities for supporting children’s reading, writing and communication. 

Cover of Literacy Lava, Issue 4, an ezine with reading and literacy articles and activities

This month’s issue covers topics such as tips on encouraging writing, boys who love to read, themed baskets for learning and how to nurture creative thinking.  The varied activities can easily be done at home with parent and child. Past issues covered topics such as motivating reluctant readers, importance of reading aloud and linking math and literacy. 

Literacy Lava is put together by a team of teachers, writers and literacy advocates. Their philosophy include among others: to help children to read so that they can read to learn, modeling reading and writing in daily life, and to read to children everyday. 

You can download your own free copy of this month’s issue of Literacy Lava (and the past three issues as well) here.


4 thoughts on “Literacy Lava (Magazine Review)

    • Hi:

      The bookchook is one of the nicest places I have found on the web for information pertaining to books and literacy.

      And like it, Literacy Lava is unique. Information in the magazine is put across in such a warm and attractive manner that I had share it with readers of this blog.

      Looking forward to the next issue!

      Thank you for stopping by!

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