Celebrating Poetry

The Guide to Muslim Children’s Books and Media is celebrating poems and poets during the month of April (which by the way is National Poetry month in the U.S. and Canada) so look out for:

  • Poems for Muslim children and young adults by Muslim poets
  • Reviews of two collections of Islamic poetry (one for children and one for young adults) and a book for young children based on a beautiful poem

Send in Your Poems

If you have written poems for Muslim children or young adults I would be honoured if you would allow me to share them with readers here. Also, if you have favourite poems or poets whose works you like then please send them in. You can even send in a video of you or your child reading a poem. So please send them in by using the contact form or by email to muslimkidsbooks [at] gmail [dot] com, insha’Allah.

Enter a Poetry Competition

If you are interested in entering your poetry in a competition then check out the Islamic Writers Alliance’s poetry competition here. Entries are being accepted for those under 18 and teachers may submit ‘class’ poetry as individual submissions from one school.

Remember to take part in the poll by answering the question located in the sidebar to the right.


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