Muslim American Girls Magazine [Magazine Review]

Very recently I came across the Muslim American Girls Magazine and I was quite impressed with the content and layout of it. It is an online magazine geared toward girls and young women up to age 16. The website contains excerpts from articles in the magazine and information about how the magazine began. To read the magazine you have to subscribe to it by sending an email to the editor (subscription is free).

The magazine’s founder and editor is a young woman in the United States who started the writing articles when she was only ten years of age. For several years she published monthly issues online but this is the first “magazines format” being issued. According to the editor, “the goal of the magazine is to promote reading and writing among Muslim girls.” In addition, she writes that “Muslim girls have a fun, informative and halal magazine to read.”

The March/April issue is filled with everything that would appeal to a preteen and teenage girl (maybe because many of the contributors are themselves preteens and teens). The features and columns range from recipes and crafts to book reviews and a page for fashions. Readers are shown how to live an Islamic life by being conscious of those less well off than themselves, by learning the fears and hopes of someone adopting the hijab for the first time and through various inspirational Islamic quotes. Also included are a beauty/health column, a fun corner (with riddles and challenges) and information on adopting a hobby. These are all interspersed with beautiful photography and poetry. This magazine is not only professionally done but it is relevant and eye-catching.

Talking Points: Young girls may find reassurance in reading about the views and experiences of others like themselves in this magazine. Schools can benefit from a subscription to this magazine in the classroom or library and use the ideas as a starting point for discussions and to encourage writing projects among their students (which could then be submitted to the magazine for publication).

Now what I would like to see is a magazine for Muslim boys and teens! Anyone up to the challenge? Anyone knows of such a magazine?

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