My Mum is a Wonder (Book Review)

To honour our mothers today for International Women’s Day, I present this delightful book that young children  (2 – 4 years) will enjoying reading with an adult or on their own for children 4½ and up.


Every morning when I arise,
It always comes as a surprise
To see my mum dressed and ready,
Reading Qur’an by the baby.

 In My Mum is a Wonder, a little boy describes the wonderful things his mother does for him, his family and their community. As he grows he learns to appreciate what his mother does and embraces the opportunity to do the same for her when he grows up. The narrative is told is simple rhyme with beautiful, clear illustrations that match the text appropriately.

The book opens with the boy awakening to find his mom reading the Qur’an, setting the tone for a peaceful day. Upon returning from school the boy and his mom share moments together from watering the flowers in the garden to memorizing Qur’an; showing the close bond that develops between parent and child. Mum looks after the little boy when he is ill. But Mum does makes a difference in the world too. The little boy sees her giving charity, visiting the sick and elderly and hosting family, neighbours and friends for Eid. The book concludes with the little boy, now grown into a man, taking care of his mother.

From eating together to praying together we see how eman (faith), love and peace fills the home of this family. Generosity, kindness and patience are some of the virtues of motherhood that are highlighted in this delightful picture book.  

Talking points: This book is an excellent resource for reading and discussion in the classroom or home as it shows the child why s/he must respect and honour his mother. When reading aloud, stop and discuss what can be seen in the pictures (look for the cat hiding on some pages!). Encourage older children to make a list of the things that their mothers do for them and what they could do to show their appreciation to her at present and in the future. Discuss how important it is to respect our elders and take care of them.

 Title: My Mum is a Wonder

Author: Michele Messaoudi

Illustrator: Rukiah Peckham

Publisher: The Islamic Foundation

Date: 2002

ISBN: 0860372987

Age Group: 2 – 4 years (Read Aloud); 4½ – 6 years (Read on own)


7 thoughts on “My Mum is a Wonder (Book Review)

    • Salaams Aishah

      My son and I love reading this together, AlhamduLillah. The illustrations are some of the best I have seen in Islamic children’s books to date.

  1. Assalamualaikum saara. This is one of the favourite books that I am using for my read aloud session at the Library that I’m working at and at my own bookshop, MariBaca. It’s a hit during May when we celebrate Mother’s Day. Read this book, discuss with the children then sing the song My Mother by Rashid Bikha. Everyone loves it.

    • Wasalaams kakchik

      How wonderful of you to visit the blog and share how you use the book ‘My Mom is a Wonder.’

      Storytimes at the library and managing a bookshop – these must be the two best jobs in the world! I am pleased to say that as a librarian I have done the former. My dream one day is to open a Muslim children’s library or bookshop, insha’Allah!

      Please stop by more often and I look forward to you sharing some of the other ways you encourage reading among readers and your customers.

      • It’s not very easy but with the help of a few good friends, alhamdulillah we managed to organize the read aloud session. And I was influenced a lot from reading success stories from foreign countries such as US, Canada and UK.

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