Rewards for Reading and other motivational material for Muslim children

Teachers, librarians and parents may find the following resources useful in getting their students/children motivated to learn Islam and to enjoy reading.

The Muslim Sticker Company provides a variety of stickers, charts, certificates and posters to motivate and reward children for performance (for example, memorization of Qur’an) and akhlaq (manners). Also available are badges and colouring books to help develop the young Muslim child’s identity. It would be nice to see this company expand its product range in the future to include pencils, pens and bookmarks as well.

Smilemakers provides a wide range of general motivational products to get children learning. I find their selection of pencils, bookmarks and stickers that promote reading and books to very appealing to children. Whether it is the classroom or home, reward children for reading and remind them of how wonderful reading is at the same time with these pencils, stickers and bookmarks. (Just type in the words “reading pencils” or “reading stickers” in the search box of the website to see a listing of the products available in the category.)


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